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Diamond Drunk Concentrates

Non-Toxic Plant-Derived Fine
Jewelry Cleaner

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Uncover your sparkle with everything needed to establish a non-toxic beauty cleansing ritual for your jewels.

The world’s first clean, non-toxic, vegan and sustainable fine jewelry cleaner designed to keep your diamond, gold and platinum pieces refreshed and sparkling. Formulated with plant-based (99.5% natural) ingredients and gem-pampering natural actives. We take caring for your jewelry and our planet seriously.

Diamond Drunk Concentrates Sale price $0.00

Unveiling the magic

Experience the magic of how Diamond Detox works to effortlessly pull dirt, grime, away, leaving your jewelry sparkling and revived.

Discover the secret to pristine brilliance now


The results are real!




This non-toxic, plant-derived formula was thoughtfully created by our team of world-renowned scientists that meet the strict standards for clean beauty to powerfully, yet gently cleanse jewelry to sparkling perfection. A high-performance purifying complex of vegetable-derived fatty acids and naturally mild alkali-sourced soda ash work together to dissolve, trap, and lift away dirt, grime, and grease without ever leaving behind streaks or residue.

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